ZPlan 101

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ZPlan 101 Free Webinar


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have complete control over the dispatching, scheduling and workflow in your service department?  Join the webinar and we will show you how.

Items we'll cover include:

  • Dividing jobs – How to schedule large jobs over more than one day
  • Multiple labor operations - How to schedule and track separate Labor operations within a job
  • Job Stacking - How to schedule multiple jobs for the same time frame
  • Miscellaneous job tracking – How to use Z Plan to manage internal job workflow (New vehicle set up, Pick up and delivery)
  • Customer texting – How to set up and manage ZPlan texting features
  • Management reporting – How to interpret performance reports



Presented by


Brad Little

Starting as a lot boy and a set up technician in a small dealership on the east coast, Brad’s career in the Powersports industry spans more than 40 years.  He spent 35 of those years working for American Honda in various capacities ranging from customer service, district manager (service and sales), product quality and national service management.  Looking to help dealers and OEMs realize their true potential in service, Brad joined the PDS team earlier this year.